Bug can't figure it out, BUG can't figure it out, so I'm GonNa take a break.
But I'll run the server for whoever gives me so many money.
That's how I am.



  1. 在“全国图书馆参考咨询联盟”找到所寻找书的电子版ID号,比如《怎样撰写博士论文》一书为“13803213”。
  2. 在百度、谷歌等等搜索引擎查找该ID号。
  3. 下载,如果不幸遇到下载费用过于高昂的情况,请使用“冰点文库下载器”,它支持百度文库、道客巴巴、豆丁网等网站文献的免费下载。

①Find the digital ID number of the book you're looking for in the National Library Reference Service, such as "how to write a doctoral dissertation" for "13803213. ". ②Look up the ID number on Baidu, Google, and other search engines. ③Download, if unfortunately too expensive to download the case, please use the "www.bingdian001.com" , it supports BaiduWenKu, doc88.com, Docin.com and other sites such as free download literature.